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    The company was founded in 2002;Majored in Mn-Zn soft ferrite cores. We have totally production lines from material development, powder, cores, and core spraying. We have two factories: Lingzi factory: 12000m2 High-tech zone factory: 6000m2 Scale of productin: powder: 4000T/year, core: 3000T/year
    In 2011, Application development office was founded in Germany, focused on the development and extension of large size cores. In January 2016, we started to cooperate with Aristotle University to develop high quality new material. 2007.12 restructuring into the private economy, has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Shandong Dongtai Energy Group 2009.08 through GE lighting certification In 2009.12 the company changed its name to Shandong Dongtai Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. 2010.11 through ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification 2012.11 and Hongkong hung an enterprise as a strategic partner 2013.06 companies carry out the joint-stock system, and all the employees account for 70% of the total shares. 。